• Democratic Parish Executive Committees (DPEC) have the general responsibility for Democratic Party affairs at the local level. They are under the jurisdiction of the DSCC and DNC. They are responsible for the endorsement of local candidates, as well as for building Democratic infrastructure within their communities.

  • DPECs elect statewide and local Democratic candidates, promote Democratic Party activities, hold a minimum of 4 meetings per year, communicate with the Democratic State Central Committee, fundraise, and affiliate with local organizations.

  • The Democratic State Central Committee (DSCC) is the governing body for the Democratic Party of Louisiana and has sole responsibility for the affairs of the Louisiana Democratic Party. 

  • The DSCC helps elect Democratic candidates in local, state, and national elections, conducts the Democratic National Committee delegate selection process, promotes and builds the state party, fundraises, conducts research on judicial or executive issues, and maintains voter relations, education, and leadership programs.

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